About LLB


Lovely Little Bracelets was started in 2022 by me, Justine! I am an oncology nurse that relocated to a new city (Boston) with my husband, Blaine, and pup, Sadie! 

I started making bracelets as a hobby and eventually became a small business. Shortly after making bracelets, I started personalizing sunglasses for my two nieces. A few Instagram posts later, I began getting many requests from other mama's to make sunnies for their children too! The name changed a few times eventually landing on Lovely Little Boutique since bracelets were no longer the only items I was selling!

Once LLB became profitable, I began donating a portion of the profits to a charities such as cancer survivors, ALS and a non-profit summer camp for children that have lost a parent.

There are many unique and creative businesses making the same designs, and I appreciate that you chose to do business with LLB!

Thank you for your patronage and for supporting this lovely little business. 



If you would like to contact me about a charity that is near and dear to you, I would love to hear about it!

Please send all messages to Justinemiano@me.com